PRP Hair Restoration

PRP for hair restoration uses platelet rich plasma (PRP) technology to stimulate hair growth. This is where a clients’ own blood is drawn to extract the PRP and then injected into the scalp where hair loss/thinning is present. PRP works to stimulate the hair follicles and forces them to enter an active growth phase, and a new hair begins to grow.

Platelet Rich Plasma injections for hair loss offer a natural solution for treating hair loss and thinning hair. This hair restoration treatment is especially effective for those with early hair loss, and not recommended for those who are completely bald or have no hair follicles.

At Seamless health and Medical Aesthetics we use only the BEST system Eclipse PRP.

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*Disclaimer: Similar results are not guaranteed. Individual results are dependent upon multiple factors including the procedure and the patient’s age, metabolism and activity level.