Steve Osztertag

B.Sc Physics

Owner/Creator/Chief Make-it-Happen Officer/Tea Addict

Steve Osztertag
  • SCUBA Instructor, 3rd degree taekwondo black belt, avid cyclist

  • Everything on pizza, except onions

  • Journey > Destination

Steve is a multiple business owner with a formal education in physics and electrical engineering from Lakehead University. Initially he started out at Texas Instruments as a service engineer, then onto managing a service depot, a repair facility, logistics and training. Steve went on to expand his management experience at Mitsubishi Electric, managing application engineering and then dealer sales. Steve ventured out 20 years ago on his own and started up AVIAS, a thriving audio visual, communication and technology integration company. AVIAS works closely with corporate clients that include a number of different hospitals, medical and pharma companies assisting them with their technology needs.