Cheryl (Cheri) McNeil


Owner/Trainer/Life Traveler/Chief Idea Officer/Coffee Addict

Fun Facts

Cheryl McNeil
  • Grew Up in Saudi Arabia

  • Pineapple on Pizza? YES!!

  • Hugs > Handshakes

  • Travel Addict

Cheri is a board certified Family Nurse Practitioner (NP-PHC) with a Masters of Science in Community Health. She has 20+ (gulp!) years of clinical expertise in community and primary care and has been consumed by medical aesthetics since 2016. She has taught at many college/universities and remains passionate about education and ongoing training. Seamless Health and Medical Aesthetics aims to ensure there are safe affordable options for cosmetic injectors to strengthen and learn new skills.

She believes in a personalized, natural approach to all aesthetic treatments ultimately producing outstanding outcomes for her patients in the safest manner possible. She is excited to help clients and fellow injectors in their pursuit of health, happiness and success!